Hailey Myers

2018-19 Barracuda Swim-a-Thon

2 hours or 200 laps  ….  whichever comes first!

Support your favorite Barracuda by donating to the first ever Lakenheath Barracuda Swim-a-Thon.  Swimmers will be swimming for 2 hours or 200 laps.  Yes, that’s 5,000 meters!!

Your donations will go towards funding the swim team and increasing the team’s ability to provide a quality swimming program to military families stationed in the U.K.

Hailey says “I love being a part of the Lakenheath Barracudas!! I am so excited about our first time ever swim a thon with the Barracudas! Thank you for supporting my team!!  Swimming for God all over Europe and I am so thankful for this amazing opportunity!!!!  No matter the donation, every bit will help and we are thankful! I promise you I will work hard and make every lap count:)!!!! Thank you SO VERY MUCH!!!!!!!:):) ”

THANK YOU to everyone who is willing to help out!!